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GI Pathology

What is pathology?

Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases; the branch of medicine that deals with the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic purposes. The word "pathology" comes from the Greek words "pathos" meaning "disease" and "logos" meaning "a treatise", a treatise of disease. A medical doctor that specializes in pathology is called a pathologist. Pathologists are experts at interpreting microscopic views of body tissues.

Who is going to review your tissue?

The field of gastrointestinal pathology has never been more complex and demanding than it is today. Accuracy is essential to arriving at the exact diagnosis, so that the medical provider can prescribe a treatment plan as soon as possible. That is why Borland-Groover Clinic’s board certified pathologists provide expert diagnosis in gastrointestinal diseases. Your pathologist is fellowship trained in this highly specialized field to provide you with timely, accurate and complete results.
What makes Borland-Groover pathologists better?
  • Your pathologist has completed a fellowship which means they have more experience with gastrointestinal cases
  • Your pathologist is dedicated solely to the practice of gastrointestinal and liver pathology allowing for the best care and diagnosis