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The Innovative PillCam Colon in lieu of Colonoscopy

Borland-Groover Clinic provides the PillCam™COLON, a safe and accurate colon visualization capsule that can help detect precancerous polyps.

The innovative and easy-to-swallow pill, PillCam, uses a miniaturized camera within a disposable capsule to give your physician at Borland-Groover Clinic a view of your entire colon. How does it work? After you swallow the Pillcam, it naturally passes through your digestive system while capturing images of your colon. Images captured by the PillCam are wirelessly transmitted to a small recorder for your physician to review. The images from the PillCam capsule will allow your BGC physician to assess the health of your colon, identify precancerous polyps, find the cause of abdominal pain, or locate the source of GI bleeding.

When a patient’s colonoscopy is incomplete, PillCam COLON helps provide a quality colon exam—more safely than radiology procedures and with accuracy.
The PillCam:

Undergoing a complete colon evaluation (colonoscopy or capsule endoscopy) is extremely important in the prevention of colon cancer.  The PillCam is an accurate, non-invasive test that gives your physician a complete visualization of your colon so that he can detect issues like GI bleeding, precancerous polyps and other colonic issues. PillCam does NOT replace conventional colonoscopy, and is appropriate when the colonoscopy procedure cannot be completed normally, as an alternative to Virtual Colonography. Borland-Groover uses the latest endoscopic advances to perform minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures that enhance patient health. 

Borland-Groover clinic is one of the first 15 sites across the country, and the FIRST in Florida to offer the PillCam procedure to patients.