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Refilling your prescriptions

How do I renew my medications?

To access medications for renewal:
  1. Select Renew Medication from the Medications tab or click the Refill link for a medication listed on your home page.The Renew Medications form displays
  2. Select your medical practice, Borland-Groover Clinic
  3. Select your Medical Practice, On the Renew Medications form, scroll to the Select Your Medical Practice section.
  4. If you are enrolled in Multiple Practices, select Borland Groover Clinic
  5. If you are managing other people's accounts, select the Patient on whose behalf you are making the request.
  6. Select your medication
  7. After selecting your Practice scroll to the Select Medications. A list of medications available for renewal display.
  8. If no medications are listed, or you want to select another medication, click the Select different medications link. Alternative medications display.
  9. Select display any inactive medications that my be available for renewal check box to view inactive medications.
  10. Select the check box next to the medications you want to renew.
  11. Click Select.
  12. If you select inactive medications, a new check box Yes, I would like to request the above inactive medication displays. Select the check box.
  13. Select your pharmacy
  14. After selecting your medication, scroll to the Select pharmacy section. Your preferred pharmacy displays.
  15. If no pharmacy is listed, or you want to select another pharmacy, click the Select different pharmacy link. A search form displays.
  16. Enter the search criteria (pharmacy name, address, city, state or zip) to locate a pharmacy and click Search. To return a list of all available pharmacies, leave the pharmacy search field blank and click Search, the top 100 display.
  17. If needed, Click the Map icon next to the pharmacy's phone number to view the map of the selected location in a new window.
  18. Click the pharmacy's name to select it
  19. Select the Set as your NextGen Patient Portal preferred pharmacy check box to set the default pharmacy.
  20. Click Select.
  21. You can now submit your renewal request
  22. Submitting your requests
  23. In the submit renewal section:
  24. Select the reason for renewal
  25. Select the person to whom you are sending the medication renewal.
  26. Enter the reason for the prescriptions renewal in the comments field

Tips for Portal Success

  • A red asterisk next to a field name indicates a required entry.
  • If you are not receiving our emails, please check your spam filter settings and allow messages from or
  • Contact us at 904-398-7205 if you have any issues.

  • Adding a New Pharmacy

  • In the Select Pharmacy sections. click the Select different pharmacy link. A search form displays
  • Click Add New. The add new pharmacy form displays
  • Enter the pharmacy details and click save.

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